How To Get What You Want From the Universe

Why is it that some people always seem to get what they want while others don’t? Is it because they were born into the right families and had the right genes? Or is it something else entirely… something powerful like a super-nova, yet subtle like a butterfly.

Boldly We Go… presents 5 strategies that can help guide you to shift your gears from being an earth-bound wanna-be to galactic champion. Follow these coordinates and you can overcome virtually any barrier set before you and claim whatever it is you want from the universe. But be forewarned…this is deep inner space exploration and will require both imagination and the ability to do what frightens you.

Spock Barak

Spockama unquestionably knows what he wants and how to get it.

Barak Obama – Spockamashould be the poster child for coming out of nowhere and “getting what you want”. Raised in a broken home by a single, middle-class mom, this bi-racially challenged youth overcame traditional barriers for success – advantages his predecessor, George W. Bush, lavished in: upbringing, inheritance, education and wealth.

So what is Barak’s secret and how can you become more like “The Prez” and get what you want? Take a moment to think about it. (No cheating).

Don’t have the answer yet?

Okay, here’s a hint – it’s all about a willingness to be bold and to do something or go somewhere that you’ve never been before.


The Yiddish word for this is “chutpah” which means “audacity” – the same word used in the title of Barak’s book – “The Audacity of Hope”.

Regardless of circumstances of birth, there are some things that seem to be even more important in helping winners to win, achieve their dreams, and get what they’re striving for.

Even if you are filled with fear and negativity, you can still move forward if your desire to improve your life and have more is stronger than your wish to play it safe and not take any chances.

Overcoming self-imposed barriers to living life more fully does mean taking chances.

And there can be a couple of bruises and bumps along the way, but the risks are worth it.

Just like the lottery, you’ve gotta be in it to win it.

So, how can you do this? Well, here is the first of 5 strategies that can help you achieve more success, become a galactic champion, and get what you want in your life.

1.”Of Course” Messages

Successful people project a particular message from their insides out into the world. Their gestures and words seem to say “Of course I will get that”  or  “Of course this will work out in my favor” and things usually do.


Ask, believe, and the Universe provides

Others walk this earth in a tentative manner. Their movements and communications are morelikely to say “Maybe” or “Perhaps” rather than “Definitely”. These positive or negative messages that live inside of you are detectable on the outside based on how you speak, walk, move, your expressions and even in how you much you make eye contact. Is your personal message an “Of course”, a “Maybe”, or an “Oh no”?


The next time you are about to walk into a meeting, make a phone call, greet someone, or sendan email where you will be asking for something that you want, tune in to what you are telling yourself on the inside. Are your inner thoughts filled with “Maybe I can, but…” or “I’ll never get this”  or “If I do get this, then I’ll have to …”?

What would happen if you thumbed your nose at all those negative messages and told yourself, “Of course I will get this” or “Definitely”?

Having a positive mindset and hearing yourself embrace success with words like “Of course” will have a positive influence on you and those you encounter and will help you to get the job done. If talking to yourself in this manner is difficult for you, imagine your own personal miniature-sized coach sitting on your shoulder, cheering you on and feeding you little bits of emotional nourishment when you really need it. See where that takes you!

2. Anxiety is energy. This energy can be used to propel yourself forward or to stop you dead in your tracks. You can harness this energy and use it to move ahead. Don’t just sit and shake in the corner while life is passing you by, run forward toward your dream.

If you find yourself feeling incapacitated or unable to move ahead, then it is your responsibility to figure out what the problem is. If your car stopped running, chances are that you would take it to a competent mechanic and diagnose the problem. Well, do the same with yourself. Find a competent psychotherapist or counselor and figure out what the problem is and do something about it.

3. Being Frightened Isn’t Permission Not To Try

Have you ever found yourself thinking ‘If only I weren’t so scared then I would __________?’ Maybe the blank can be filled in with: Ask for a raise, ask her out, move to another city, etc. Why is it that so many people feel that being  afraid means you don’t have to do something?

The truth of the matter is that fear and worry consume a tremendous amount of our energy, energy that you could be using to bring more success into your life. What if you re-channeled that energy and used it to propel yourself forward? Why can’t you be afraid and do what you know might help anyway? You can if you stop giving yourself permission not to just because it scares you. Being frightened is never justification not to try. Do what frightens you and live life more fully.

4. Visualize Success.

visualizing successIt helps to have a picture in your mind of exactly what you want.

Is it a more enriching social life?

Would you like greater financial freedom for you and your loved ones?

Do you want more recognition, enhanced prestige, or increased power at work?

Picture yourself having these—how does it feel? What would it be like? What would be different?

Visualizing yourself getting what you want is an important step to having more and it will help you to mentally rehearse and prepare yourself for what your life will be like once you have accomplished this. Greater success changes your life (just ask past lottery winners!). This can be a welcome change that you are ready for or it can be a shock to your system that is hard to cope with. Visualization can help to get you ready and set so that all you have to do is….go!

5. View Missteps as Temporary Setbacks.


Take setbacks in stride.

Choose not to view these as failures or further reason why you shouldn’t try to do what might frighten you.

Instead, consider these as the normal lumps and bumps of life. Just step over these rather than treat them as obstacles or barriers.

Successful people have their share of mistakes, failures, mishaps, and false starts.

Start collecting yours and let it signal that you are on the road to success.

Eventually you will get there if you keep on putting forth the effort and keep trying.


~ by lawrenceiross007 on May 19, 2009.

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