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LARRY_ROCKETLarry Ross is the founder of Young, Fast and Scientific, a consultancy focused in three related and critical areas: content strategy and development, product strategy and development, and user experience design. Young, Fast and Scientific collaborates with internet publishers, science and technology innovators, and entertainment media companies to create dynamic content, distinctive experiences, and vibrant communities that produce business results.

Larry is an entrepreneurial veteran and founding member of three successful NASDAQ listed startups in cable television, interactive television, and online publishing. He leverages simple and effective design principals for presenting professional editorial, user generated content, rich media, and interactive experiences including the creation of a network of over 500 business, entertainment, news, and science & technology focused blogs, fan sites and websites for Fortune 2000 aerospace, health, and travel companies.

Larry is the former Vice President of Digital Media & Editorial Director of Hollywood.com (Nasdaq: HOLL) ; Creative Director of Commerce One Global Services (Nasdaq: CMRC); Founding Member and Vice President of Production of the Sci-Fi Channel; and Producer, Writer and/or Editor of over one-hundred cable TV shows and Internet projects for the Discovery Channel, Disney-MGM Studios, Emmy Awards, MTV, National Academy of Sciences, National Air & Space Museum, PBS, and the Sci-Fi Channel, including American Experience and NOVA.

Larry shares a National Emmy Award for the landmark six-part science documentary television series, Planet Earth.


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