the buddah cloud

“Form is no different from emptiness.
Emptiness is no different from form.
Form is precisely emptiness, emptiness is precisely form.”

Buddha, Heart Sutra

When we look all around us, what we see is just the tip of the iceberg.  Consider this: take your hand and look at it. Your hand looks solid but it’s really not. As you look closer you can see the pores of the skin.  If you were to put you hand (or skin from it) under an electron microscope, what you will see is not just skin, tissue and cells, but molecules, atoms and a mass of energy – vibrating. (Amazingly, all that energy – all those atoms –  were made in a dying star billions of years ago – but that’s another story).


Everything is made of the exact same thing – Energy. Your hands, the ocean, and the stars. Everything is Energy – The Universe…our galaxy…our planet…the life forms that live on the planet … the inside of of our bodies… our organ system… our cells… our DNA ….


molecules…  atoms. It’s all just energy – but energy manifesting itself in many forms. And that energy has unbelievable power. Your body alone has enough potential energy to illuminate an entire city for a week.


Most people define themselves by their finite body. But you are not a finite body. Even when you die, the energy in your body goes on forever.

Physicists will tell you, “Energy can not created or destroyed. It always was and always has been. The only thing that ever changes is that it changes its form.”

If you ask a Theologian, “What created the Universe?” S/he will say, “God!”. Okay, can you describe God?”

“God always was and always has been. God can never can be created or destroyed. Go is all that ever will be. God moves in a form, through a form, and out of form.”
The Physicist and the Theologian offer the same descriptions, just the different terminology!

We are all connected. We just don’t see it. There isn’t “an out there” and “in here”. Everything in the Universe is just ONE energy field.

star-trek-spock cropped

Spiritually, we could say that we are the image and the likeness of God – we’re just another way that the Universe has becoming conscious of itself. And, as individuals, we are infinite field of unfolding possibility.

Every great religion teaches us that we were created in the image and the light of the creator of the source of all things. That’s mean that you have God’s potential and power to create your own world.

The only question is this, ” Are you doing with your life what you really want? Is what you are doing worthy of you?” If it’s not worthy of you, then now is the time to change. You have the power to do that RIGHT NOW!

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